Emotional Balance

Emotions can be extremely amplified within the Kundalini. In order to not fall prey to negativity, one has to constantly strive for emotional balance.

Inner Joy

When you experience a situation in which you find yourself in very unfamiliar territory the first impulse is to go into fear. I want you to begin to cultivate a memory of when you have been joyous. Exuberantly joyous. I would have you practice this during the day when you experience something frightening. Immediately supplant this reaction with the inner joy, just the memory of it will change your perception and therefore the energy of the situation. Put a “post it” in your car on the dash if that’s where these events happen for you or at work somewhere. Or on the refrigerator at home where you can remind yourself of this new reversal that you are incorporating. You can write “I.J.” on it just as a reminder. This is to begin a new form of acceptance of different mind states that will help you on the Kundalini path.


Trust the process that is happening to you. Know and understand that God is watching everything. Spirit is watching everything. You are safe in the arms of the Divinity as long as you practice the love and forgiveness that are part of what we teach. If you stray into areas of negativity, willfully, and with malice afore thought, well, then that is what you will receive. In real time. So trust the Kundalini. It has your best interests as part of its agenda or you would not have been allowed to activate or even to have known about this.


As you feel the energy work its way within you be honest with yourself about what is happening. Watch out for denial. If you start falling into denial you can miss information the Kundalini is trying to impart to you so be aware of how you are honestly feeling. Watch yourself closely without becoming obsessed. When you feel sensations of a presence or object traveling inside your spine do not chalk it up to a sore back or that last tennis match or the tight clothing. Unless of course it is. Be clear and honest and see if it fits the descriptions of what you have learned here and if you have questions go on the web and ask the seminar chat room or list to clarify it with you. We will be monitoring and responding to any such inquiries.


Actively love what is happening. Express this active love by being actively forgiving and interested in being of service to others. Not in a slavish or demeaning way but in a confidant and strength based, loving way. Help that kid or senior citizen or fellow mortal without endangering yourself preferably. What I call a fellow mortal is just an animal, a cat, a dog or a wild creature. This allows the Kundalini to activate your systems much cleaner and more quickly. I know it sounds hokey but love is the strongest quality and just as the negative can turn around and bite so does the love turn around and embrace — even faster!

Love causes the energy to move rapidly and as you practice this quality you will find that negativity just doesn’t seem to come your way as much and then almost never. Service to others or for others is an essential practice for the Kundalini of this lineage. Others who have activated without these teachings have and are suffering terribly and my heart goes out to them. They will learn though in their own good or bad time. They will learn what you are learning right now. This is one of the best safeties you can practice because as I mentioned before you are being observed, really, and those who are observing will not allow you, who are a part, now, of their lineage to be harmed for the practice of love. A protection has been placed around you for the purpose of giving you the opportunity to take this evolutionary step called the Kundalini. As you practice, communications and assurances will be given by this source to help you on the path. Remember your “thank you’s”.


Be grateful for the ideas and thoughts and wisdoms that begin to flow into your mind sometimes like a flood. Be grateful for the Kundalini as it is bringing you to a new and greater understanding of the “All that is “. Be grateful to your family and friends and perfect strangers for what they bring to your life and the opportunities that come your way. Say to yourself in your mind and heart that you are grateful for these gifts and even greater ones will come your way. This is the nature of the path you are walking. Diligence and integrity are richly rewarded.

About Master Chrism

Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy.

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