Why Safeties?

Kundalini also has a fair amount of challenges to it if, particularly if you do not have the benefit of a teacher or a system to will help you understand what is occurring. That is what I do. I help people with their kundalini awakening or activate their kundalini.

If you are in process with Kundalini or intend to be please look through the “Safeties” and begin to practice them daily.

Please read them three times on three separate occasions so that you can begin to see and feel how they will help you find and understand these very qualities within yourself that you seek. After reading the Safeties begin to practice them daily. Find some time during your day or night or both. Please bring the “Locks” into your daily life.

As you do so your experiential knowledge base will expand.

Because of the practice of The Safeties we haven’t had very many people imploding and exploding emotionally in this group. This has given us a safe haven for the nurturing of the Kundalini without some of these traumatic events. It does happen however.

People will activate alone and not have any idea what is occurring and even if they do they are not aware of the occurrence of the emotional overloading. It can be difficult. So know this and be advised of how extremely important this aspect can be.

We are not practiced from a conscious standpoint of controlling our emotions here in the western societies. imho. We turn to outlets of the expression of emotions rather than using the tools of forgiveness or tolerance in many cases. We are also compelled to shove them inside and never to allow them to be viewed or vented for fear of others placing a judgment upon us at times. So we try to smother them inside of ourselves and often they come out in ways that are very damaging to us as individuals.

With Kundalini every aspect of the emotional body can become inflamed. This isn’t as bad as it may sound as the brighter qualities are also expanded in conjunction with the darker qualities. The Safeties allow us to choose a focus for the acceptance of these qualities and also the conscious choice of what emotional feeling we will give the most expression to. This is where the balancing is begun.

Without this balance a person’s sense of self and of pleasure and of pain can become entangled into a mass of contradiction and confusion and pain. Doesn’t always stay this way but for some it does. So let this be an FYI for you to practice The Safeties with the same interest and vigor that one would do the physical aspects of the practice. Let yourself become healthy and strong in your forgiveness, gratitude, love, tolerance, service for others, surrender and patience.

Not saying you need to be perfect all the time just try to bring these qualities into play more and more often in your daily life. This will have a direct effect upon how the Kundalini expresses through you and how you “feel” that expression and how you “feel” about the expression.

About Master Chrism

Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy.

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