Surrender is one of the most important teachings of a sustained activation of the Kundalini. Surrender will eventually lead you into the awakened state. This is not the type of surrender one is accustomed to hearing about or reading of. This is not about succumbing to an enemy or giving up. Surrender is the release of the conscious mind in its “control” over and of the mental and the physical and emotional bodies to the Kundalini.

This can have its challenges. It can take a sustained effort of focus and discernment to keep the ego mind from taking over the process so much diligence and practice is required. Controlling the ego desires being one such function of the restructured control environment.

Kundalini is an energy with a consciousness and an agenda. Its job in the primary activated state is to rewire ALL the subtle and gross electrical networks within the physical body in order to receive a higher and stronger form of Divine Radiation (Kundalini). As the individual works with their practice this is translated into an Ascendancy Platform; whereby a person is given options for Divine Service to others by use of exalted skills as well as many other options. Surrender is the first path.

This can be very intimate, as the Kundalini will pick your foods, decide for you whether or not you will pray or meditate. Decide if you will have sex, at any given time, or at all. It can be merciless and merciful depending on your level of surrender. Most challenges of the Kundalini can be met by a deep and loving degree of surrender.

The Kundalyn energies know you better than your conscious mind knows you so pay attention and allow this divinity within to change your behaviors and proclivities. This is a magnificent force that will often take a person by storm. Surrendering really isn’t an option as much as it is a requirement if you wish to keep your sanity.

Sometimes this inner teaching from the Kundalini to you the person (ego person or little i), is gentle and deliberate but in other cases it is a force that takes no prisoners and leaves one with little choice but to follow. So it is best to make that decision now before your Kundalini is awakened or as you are in the stage of your process where you are its never too late to begin this important practice.

If you have been holding back out of fear for your life and sanity then surrender completely and allow the agenda of the Kundalini to take its course with in you. Doing this will relieve much of the pressure and pain that can come to a person early and if resisted continued later into the process.

Kundalini is here to help not hurt. It is through a lack of surrender to the changes and to the Kundalini agenda is where pain can come into the equation. There is some pain that can be associated with the new inner and outer restructuring but by and large the Kundalini Shakti is a gentle mother with her child.

Make this choice now for those of you seeking the awakening that you can surrender to the agenda of the Kundalini no matter what occurs. It can be an intensely loving strange and wonderful as well as a sometimes scary and exciting adventure. Many of you who have found your way here already have awakened the Kundalini. You can attest to the agenda I write of.

Many have come seeking it or have found themselves directed to this site from dreams or inner guidance. This is not uncommon as divinity or in this case a person’s High Self knows far more than we as ego consciousness are able to process. The capabilities of “divine” nature are endless compared to our limited understandings.

You are here with the purpose of initiating or researching or comparing notes and experiences and partaking of the real community that has emerged within this group. Not just chrism or any single individual. You are here for the Kundalini and in that communication and inculcation a complete surrendering of your life and body and psychology, desires, status in society, ego, and inner dialogs must be willingly given to the Kundalini. This will often begin in the dream life as a person can begin to receive instruction for the Kundalini there long before a spinal sweep occurs or the rush of energy up the spine.

Do the surrendering first. Then as all of the fantastic early symptoms begin to materialize your balance and instruction can move in harmony with the divine imperative. So please be advised of this important “choice” you have to make. Consider it now and implement it now as you begin or continue your journey into the Kundalini awakening.

About Master Chrism

Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy.

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